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Brandersfeesten Schiedam

  • Mobile App
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Motion Design
  • Illustrations

De Brandersfeesten has been an annual local festival in Schiedam since 1984. The three day long festival started as a fair and was initiated by the middle class of Schiedam. Since a large part of the fair is situated in the former Brandersbuurt, the fair was subsequently given the name 'Brandersfeesten'. The Brandersfeesten has grown into a festival that attracts around 300,000 visitors from inside and outside Schiedam. We had the chance to develop the mobile application for this year and years to come!


Together with the Brandersfeesten Committee we designed and developed the mobile app. The challenge was to make the app accessible and understandable to a diverse group of people. We chose clear grids and big letters to make it easy for people to find the right information. For the look and feel we combined historic elements from Schiedam with contemporary design, and created animations to add some flair.


The program and the interactive map were the most used features of the app, it helped people to plan their day, buy tickets and to find their way through Schiedam. The Brandersfeesten app made it to number 25 in the App Store and number 2 on Google Play Store!

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