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InHouse Marketeers

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Web Design

InHouse Marketeers is a ‘new-in town’ secondment agency. Driven by finding a solution for every marketing challenge, they connect clients to their flexible team of marketeers. It was InHouse Marketeers’ time to show that to the world. We were challenged to create a brand identity and a new website for InHouse Marketeers, so they could build their network of marketeers and clients.


The brand identity needed to visualize their DNA: professional, young, approachable, transparent, dynamic and direct. By comparing InHouse Marketeers with a beehive, we illustrated in a simple way what they are doing: sending the marketeers off, like bees, to a project and coming back when they are ready for the next challenge.

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