Turning art into a virtual experience

Noëlle van den Dungen, an artist based in the Netherlands, got the opportunity to participate at the Dutch Design Week 2020 — which was held entirely online this year. We had the pleasure to work together with Noëlle, and to translate her concept and art into a digital experience for the visitors of DDW 2020.

Immersive online space

The goal was to create an online and pop-up 'real life' space that somehow had to be situated between a research institute and a birthday party, to which anyone with a date of birth is invited. To create this immersive ‘real life’ online space, we had to capture the feeling of being inside a different environment, without leaving your home.

Creating the virtual environment

To create the virtual environment, Noëlle took inspiration from the game Myst, which is a very old, almost nostalgic, point-and-click game. In this game you can click around to move to different places in the game. Using this idea we created a virtual environment where people could wander around in ‘the institution’ by clicking on different doors and buttons.

All the rooms in ‘the institution’ were created with Rhino and Blender , which gave Noëlle full creative control on what she wanted to display. The exported renders were then displayed using Three.js. Creating multiple perspectives in the same room ensured that the visitor actually had the feeling it was wandering around a virtual world.

Roam through the institute

The visitors can admire the artistic rooms 24/7 - Online. By placing various interactive elements such as chat, answering birthday related questions and listening to audio fragments, the visitors get an immersive experience by roaming through the online institute. At the same time will these visits bring in valuable output for the artistic research content. Try it out at happybirthdayto.name.

Check out the video

A short video showcasing the results! Share if you like.

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