Online experience of authentic Azië

Azië is an authentic Chinese restaurant located in Hoorn, the Netherlands. It is one of the best Eastern Restaurants in the Netherlands and they belong to the Fine Eastern Restaurants community. They have an extensive menu with delicious Asian dishes and wanted a stable, modern and user-friendly website. Together we dived into the complexity of their menu, tasted some delicious dishes ourselves, and redesigned their website.

Friendly UX for both editors and customers

Azië came to us to transform their current website into a fast, modern and above all user-friendly website. The challenge was to bring structure into the different menus for both Azië and their customers. For Azië, it was important that the Content Management System (CMS) was set up correctly to make content editing as easy as possible. From the customer’s perspective, it was important to quickly find the information they need. With almost 200 dishes and 11 menus, this was quite a challenge!

Simplicity with focus on food

We approached the design and implementation with simplicity in mind. The menu of Azië had a certain amount of complexity that, unfortunately could not be reduced, and needed a logic ordering to be understood clearly. For the website, we took the customer’s main goals (booking a table and viewing the three different menus) as starting points and designed a minimalistic user interface, so the focus would truly be on the content. On the technical side, we put our time in developing a CMS. The main goal was to manage content, like dishes and menus, without any hassle. Thanks to the flexibility of Strapi, we implemented a new headless CMS for Azië, structured around dishes.

Easy navigation

We made navigating through the menus a piece of cake by implementing category filters. Customers can select the categories they want to see and as a result this removes unnecessary information from the customer’s view and puts more attention on what they are looking for.

All the data in one place

Every single dish, category and menu can now be easily managed in the headless CMS. Dishes can be reused in all types of menus and categories, like Menu of the Month and Appetizers. As a result, content is stored and edited in one place and the chance of making a mistake is therefore greatly reduced.

Online reservation

For Azië it was important that their customers could make online reservations. On their previous website this was not an option yet. We designed a simple and readable form that is easy to fill in. When the request for a reservation is sent to Azië, customers get an automatic email that they will get a reply as soon as possible. Azië can easily accept or reject the request and customers receive a confirmation or rejection respectively.

See how it works!

A short video showcasing the results of the website! Share if you like.

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