Inclusive webshop pilot for Freasy

Freasy is a Dutch startup that delivers homemade frozen meals right to your doorstep. It became clear from their user insights that their webshop is too complicated to use for elderly people. Freasy was motivated to be more inclusive and asked us to make it easier for elderly people to order meals. Together with Freasy we launched a pilot in Rotterdam where elderly people can order from easyfreasy.nl

Including elderly people

Many aspects on the current webshop of Freasy make it difficult for elderly people to navigate through the pages. Our challenge was to make a simple and user-friendly version of the main webshop - a version where elderly people can order meals with ease and clarity.

Big is better

Designing for elderly people comes with a few challenges. We asked ourselves: what is important when it comes to making websites accessible for the elderly? The website needs to be easy to read. Think about bigger fonts, correct contrast ratios and a step-by-step ordering flow with clear confirmations. The best approach was not to make any assumptions about the usability. Therefore, we tested with a few elderly people before launching the pilot. We will also collect feedback during the pilot to iron out any kinks in the current version.

Simple and personal

We created a beautiful and accessible webshop for elderly people. You can order meals through three simple steps: pick your meals, fill in your information and confirm your order! The flow ends with a clear summary of the order. We found out through research that elderly people often hold back with giving personal information and doing online payments. For this reason we made sure that the person always knows who is delivering their food and that the payments are happening offline.

Check it out!

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