Geef een beetje liefde

During the global crisis caused by COVID-19, people were forced to stay at home and to avoid close contacts with others. A consequence of this was that many became lonely. At the time of writing this case, it is still ongoing and it remains unsure how many weeks or months this will continue. Why don’t we give each other some extra compassion during these uncertain times? Geef een beetje liefde is Dutch for give a little love.

A sense of togetherness

The only way to slow down the contagious virus is to combat it together. Everywhere around us we see acts of solidarity from leaders, individuals and companies to help each other adapt to the current situation. Financial support, medical support and practical support are all important. But emotional support is also important to empower the realisation that we are in this together. The challenge of this project was to create this sense of togetherness, while many people currently live in isolation.

A global crisis, but local solution

The main idea was to send kind and uplifting digital letters to each other. Because we are located in the Netherlands, we decided to give it a Dutch look and feel by creating 12 unique stamps for these letters, each representing a province of the Netherlands. The focus of this project was on the user experience and the front-end. We collaborated with Vrugtehagel to make sure the interaction and animations were on point.

Cheering people up

The result is a website where people can send kind messages to each other, anonymously. We kept the concept and flow straightforward: send a kind message and receive one back. The website is live since 18th April 2020 and since then we have been receiving positive reactions. We saw the amount of messages grow slowly but certainly over the next couple of days. Together with Vrugtehagel we delivered a simple, yet effective way to cheer people up. Even if only for a minute 😊

We are not taking the website down for the time being, so please feel free to share geefeenbeetjeliefde.nl!

See how it works!

A short video showcasing this awesome project! Share if you like.

Got hungry?

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