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Proud to be an official DatoCMS Partner

Martijn van der Pol

March 31, 2022

We are proud ambassadors of the Jamstack and are always on the lookout for great headless Content Management Systems. That’s why we partnered with DatoCMS; the most complete, user-friendly, and performant headless CMS.

What is Jamstack?

Jamstack is a web architecture that aims to make the web more responsive, secure, and scalable. It builds on many of the tools and workflows that developers love and get the most out of their time. Pre-rendering and decoupling are core principles that enable sites and applications to be delivered with more confidence and resilience than ever before.


The Jamstack removes multiple moving parts and systems from the hosting infrastructure. As a result, there are fewer servers and systems, and thus fewer vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks. The ability to serve pages and assets as pre-generated files allows for read-only hosting, further reducing attack vectors. Meanwhile, vendors with teams dedicated to securing their specific systems and providing high levels of service can provide dynamic tools and services.


With heavy traffic loads, popular architectures add logic to cache popular views and resources. By default, Jamstack provides this. When sites can be served entirely from a CDN there is no complex logic or workflow to determine what assets can be cached and when. Everything on Jamstack sites can be cached in a content delivery network. With built-in redundancy, simplified deployments, and incredible load capacity.


Page loading speeds have an impact on user experience and conversion. By generating pages ahead of time during a build, Jamstack sites eliminate the need to generate page views on a server at request time. Very high performance is possible without introducing expensive or complex infrastructure because all of the pages are already available on a CDN close to the user and ready to serve.


DatoCMS is a cloud-based headless CMS designed to work with static websites, mobile apps, and server-side applications of any kind. As an agency, it allows non-technical clients and team members to manage the content of their digital products within a web-based CMS.


As I mentioned before in my why your next CMS is headless blog post, a headless CMS is simply a database that serves data over a REST or GraphQL API. The key difference is the presentation layer (front-end); unlike a traditional (coupled) CMS, a headless CMS does not have a defined front-end system or presentation environment. This means that headless is “API only, UI anything”. A headless CMS can push content to any device or channel with internet access through its API.


Thanks to the integration with Mux, DatoCMS natively supports video encoding and streaming. Every video you upload to your DatoCMS project will be instantly available for streaming. Videos are encoded while the first viewers watch them, giving you the fastest publishing time possible. Encoded videos get cached on Mux's multi-CDN for future reuse as well. This way, delivering high-quality content is as easy as uploading a file.

User Friendliness

Agencies sometimes overlook the importance of a user-friendliness Content Management System. Developers are not the ones working with the CMS; content managers are, and they are not always tech-savvy. I have my fair share of experience with CMSs, such as Umbraco, WordPress, Ghost, Sanity & more, but DatoCMS takes the cake; a simple and user-friendly interface to manage content.


By partnering with DatoCMS, we can support our clients even better by offering custom volume pricing tailored to the client’s needs, calls with DatoCMS engineers to provide the best solution for every challenge, and a cheaper pricing plan to enable smaller projects to enjoy DatoCMS and all its benefits. Check out our partner page on or if you want to see what DatoCMS can do for you, feel free to contact us. We'd love to show you DatoCMS in action! 🚀

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